Why Clubwww1 chose Hairfinder .com as its guide to hair care....

With an average of 63,565 visitors per day (June 2010), Hairfinder® is fast becoming the internet’s most popular source for information about hair care and hair styling.
The site features dozens of articles on the basics of hair care and hairstyling, as well as detailed information and cutting techniques to create many of today’s most popular hairstyles. The articles available cover everything from hairstyle trends, to hair coloring techniques and solutions for curling straight hair and vice versa.

Why It's Important to Consider Hair Type

Each one of us can classify our hair: Dry, coarse, curly, thin, stringy, limp, oily, wavy, fine. If you have thin, stringy hair that tends to fall limp, your hair will look fuller the shorter it is. Coarse, curly girls need to weigh hair down with length: The shorter you go, the higher the frizz and fluff factor. Same thing with bangs. If you have curly, coarse hair cutting in bangs is an invitation to frizziness. Straight hair can fall flat, but cutting in layers adds body. And no matter your hair type, damaged hair never looks good. Cut it off.

Why You Should Consider Upkeep

If you're like me and you hate going to the salon or if you tend to put it off for months on end, ask your stylist for a cut that will grow out nicely. Eva Scrivo of Eva Scrivo Salon in NYC told me a great haircut should last 3 months.

Uh-Oh, What About That Forehead?

Small forehead? Consider bangs that start further back on the head and that are as long as possible.
Big forehead? Bangs are flattering because they cover up the 'IMAX' screen. Side-sweeping bangs are the most flattering look for you. According to 'Confessions,' bangs are flattering when they are longer at the temples than in the middle.





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